The Mockingbird Net Meets M-F on 3.927.00 LSB at 4:30 P.M. Pre Net Starts about 3:45. The Net is Roll Call/Rag Chew Type Net but anyone from anywhere can check in and we encourage you to do so. If you find yourself coming back, which we hope you do, we will add you to the roster and call you each day. Only thing we ask is to check in often as possible.



Below you will find a copy of the current roster. The roster only reflects those that check in reguarly. If you are not listed on the roster it means we have been missing you or you are a new . After a several weeks of not checking in to the net you will drop off the roster until you come back. This helps keep the roster up to date and save time. When you come back you will start showing up on the roster again. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please let me know so we can skip calling you until you return. NO ONE is ever removed for good and don't ever think you are not welcome !




Let me be the first to Welcome you down to the net if you are not already on the roster. You can also find us on Facebook by searching for Arkansas Mockingbird Net. I update the facebook page with news, pictures and other events so make sure you like us.


If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact me at n5ark @ or fill out the contact me form. I will answer you as soon as possible. The Mockingbird Net started off as a Post Office Net back in the late 50's to early 60's. There are no records of it back then but several members that still check in reguarly remember it. If you happen to have some history on the net, please contact me .


Being one of the oldest nets around and especially a roll call type net,  we are deep in tradition and plan on keeping it that way for many years to come. The net is fortunate to have such great net controls and members. We meet primarly for fellowship and goodwill among all amateur radio operators. We are not a traffic net but can handle traffic anywhere it is legal.


Anyone with a General Class or higher FCC License is Welcome. There is always a great pre-net that starts around 3:45 CST and we encourage you to take part in that as well. We also appreciate all our SWL's and others that tune into the net. I have expiermented with doing a live stream of the net but there wasn't a real interest . I will stream the net for anyone that is unable to have a radio and provide you with the link upon request.



We discourage discussing politics, religion or others topics that might cause for disruption of the net. With that being said, most of the members are of the Christian Faith and God Fearing Americans that will do anything to help you in anyway they can.


We always start the net with the Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer for our Country. If this offends you in any way,   the net probably isn't for you! We also ask that you be respectful, curteous and use your manners. We ask that you not discuss or talk about anything you wouldn't talk about in front of your Mother! If you come across someone being ugly, rude or disrespectful, it more than likely is not one of the birds. We will never tell you what you can talk about. That is your right as an American but we want you to think about others. This is only done in an attempt to keep the peace and harmony among the net and your understanding is appreciated. A special Thanks to Mr. Dale, W5RXU for doing our pledge and prayer. The net also consist of many Veterans and we appreciate your service to our country. Thank You! 


                                 Net Controls

Honorary Net Control for LIFE: Miss Billie, WB5YLI





Thursday- Jerry-W5JEP (Net Manager)

Friday- Miss Evelyn N5DSY 

Additional Net Controls ARE ALWAYS needed...if you are interested in calling the net, please contact me as you are welcome to do so anytime! 


A Special Thank You to all the Net Controls that make the Net Possible!

Corrections/Addiotions Please Email N5ARK @ N5ARK.COM

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